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This makes each one a perfect fit for any bedroom. 98926 Tel-509-968-3051 www. Red oak and Walnut riser. Buy the bow stave by itself or get the bow building kit that comes with string and string nock. 0 Add a comment Looking for Rudderbows Archery? You found the right place. At 80 many can yield 50lb, full-draw bows. Hide glue was used to attach the backing. It simply takes punishment and delivers heavy hunting arrows where you need them! It is a very accurate bow when used with a set of well matched arrows. and the Catawba Valley, including weather, traffic, crime, sports, lifestyles, entertainment and obituaries. @28″ draw. When you can find pecan lumber, it’s nearly $2 more per board foot. Whalebone Greenheart or else Bullet- or Beefwood), Satinwood or Rosewood for the belly (the inside of the bow). Examples of Selfbows from the Osage Orange Tree. It simply takes punishment and delivers heavy hunting arrows where you need them! Bow construction techniques included a single stave of wood (self bow), wood with sinew reinforcement (backed bow), and a combination of horn or antler with sinew backing (composite bow). We have set up dealings with a large lumber mill that stocks well over 10,000 board foot of lumber. Bamboo Backed Hickory - Reflex - Deflex Great Hunting Bow- Powerful and Very Fast. Still prefer the old-fashioned simplicity of a Long Bow? Try this Bamboo-backed Hickory Long Bow from the experts at Rudder Bows Archery. Historically the bows were made from yew, and were un-backed or backed with linen. Vine maple tends to lean over as it grows, so the stave has to be taken from either the top or bottom, side staves will twist as they are tillered. 00) Clear Glass with Black Locust veneers Clear Glass with Osage veneers Clear Glass with Hickory veneers Clear Glass with Red Elm veneers Clear Glass The stave was a nice clean piece of osage. PO Box 721. These can be used to back a bow or the belly of a bow. youth bow, both for right handed shooters ($85. Did it again clamping to the bow and it worked much better. This bow is built in R/D design. The 70# primitive self bow record at 332 yards with a hickory recurved bow with a heat treated belly. Built for speed and performance it is renowned for its power and toughness in the field. A high quality, wood professional tillering stick; A heavy duty tillering string; backing strip; 1 bow string; Instructions on how to finish. Hickory Flatbow Kit from Stave These quality hickory bow kits are made like the Osage kits in that they are for right left hand and both limbs are the same length. Padauk, another piece of Hickory, Walnut or Oak) Hickory is stiffer than Oak, which makes it harder to pull, but it has great arrow speed and durability. 95. The belly is the side that faces the archer. These are quality-checked Hickory backing strips perfect for making your dream bow. This is also an Educational and Historical site on Osage Orange. Bow Specs: Hickory (sinew backed), 62 inches long, Width @ grip 1-inch, midlimb 1 1/2 inches, tip below nock 5/8 inch. maschner@isu. 76 inch total length, max. com e-mail lavonne@elltel. 64" - Hickory Noble. . 80# draw at 29" Above: Sugar Maple bow with purple heart wood handle and tips. I have 4 Ipes stave and hickory backings to make myself a bow or four. 72" from tip to tip. Hickory is a very good bow wood, but it is a little sluggish on release and it does have a tendency to follow the string. They allow a longer smoother draw than a short bow to meet the general needs of the modern American primitive archer. After cutting the belly and back slats and rough shaping them on the bandsaw I glued them up in a little reflex on a jig such as Dean shows. And the 70# simple composite broadhead arrow division at 262 yards with the same sinew backed juniper bow. This Kit Provides you with the backing strip and riser already glued on with the rind removed! all the messy work has been done and its ready to tiller! comes with 84" of our 2-ply, 14 strand Dacron B-50 string material, a prograde tillering stick, tillering string, and steel scraper. Get yourself a red oak, white oak or hickory board with a straight all the way done the stave grain. Classic ELB rounded belly design. Right handed. This is done with a device called a chronograph or chronometer and works by measuring the time taken for an arrow to pass over its two sensors , giving a result for its speed in feet per second, (fps). They sell different types (longbow,flatbow,backed,unbacked,and tri-laminated). Pulls 40 lbs at 29 inches. Do y'all experienced selfbow makers know if the rawhide will prevent taking set if The “K-1” is a Signature Series bow designed in collaboration with professional horseback archer Chris Yung. English Long bow -- "D" Cross section, no shelf. My main tool for tillering the bow was the Bowyer's Edge tool. net click here for the "Penobscott "Bow Review link Hickory Backed Osage Recurve, 60#@26 I had wanted to make a re-curve bow for some time now and I have finally done it!!I made the bow by designing and building my Hickory backed osage Bickerstaffe Bows supply high quality bows and accessories worldwide. My items are all handmade using the finest quality wood and leather materials. You can build a unbacked or backed bow with this premium straight grain hickory bow core. 38# draw at 28" Ojibwa reproduction hickory bow Bamboo Backed Hickory - Reflex - Deflex Great Hunting Bow- Powerful and Very Fast. “Rustic” hickory, with sound knots and other defects, costs less. It is finished in a darker color designed for hunting. Our bow wood comes mostly from east Texas. All you have to dois put a finish, grip and shelf on it. Re: 30 hours working on a hickory bow -then crack -UPDATE « Reply #15 on: March 13, 2012, 07:17 AM » I don't have the sinew yet, but I went ahead and after removeing some more material from the flat side of the bow and, in particular, from the flat side near the middle, I took the risk and put it back onto a tiller board. The bow is made with horn nocks and with a stringer groove in the top nock for easy bracing of the bow. The bamboo will be necessary to make the bow. : Maple, Hickory, or Bamboo for the backing (the outside, or the back of the bow) and Tropical hardwood (e. 2 Pile-O-Bows A strung Yew self-bow and a strung sinew backed osage. Strip the bark off, but otherwise don't touch it and don't cut into the outer growth ring. To date Richard has made bows for himself, family and friends, but our hope is to one day create our own custom longbows to sell. " Pacific Yew, Inc. Jan 25, 2009 · Yaupon is pretty brittle when it dries. Medieval Archery also carries Tradtional Arrows, Medieval Arrows, Fantasy Arrows as well as Traditional Quivers and accessories for all your archery needs. All the thinning, planing, and toothing of the bamboo is already done. $275. Ipe with hickory baking. Bamboo backed Osage. A longer bow reduces the stress on the wood and is a lot less likely to break than a short bow. A roughed out and rough tillered hickory flatbow stave. Whether you're backing a solid bow or gluing up several laminations, the Hickory backing is a durable backing. New Great Northern strap on bow quiver. I have a barn full of aged staves languishing that need to be made into bows. Especially if pulled into reflex before applying sinew. Tip overlays, artwork, recurves, heat treating, take down sleeves, backing, etc. If you run the belly lam up the fades, there will be no glue joint to be under pressure since most of the compression forces happen on the surface of the belly along the continuous lam. Any and all criticism and help you guys have would be great. The strung appearance is a straight limb and when pulled back it has a smooth bend. This bow has been both tillered and sanded. Traditional Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow Our Traditional Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow was designed to capture the Art of bow making and the Tradition of hunting with a traditional bow. Strategy An X-Bow can single-handedly destroy a Crown Welcome to Hickory Lodge! Come on by, there is room to sleep a maximum of 9! If you want to kick back and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Broken Bow/Beaver's Bend then look no farther. 00). Please see the other two if you h The price of each custom bow will depend on the materials needed, the design and the level of finish work. Get the original, not the copy. A leather shelf can be added for an additional $10. C $62. The best way to test a longbows performance and efficiency is to measure its arrow speed. The new pricing options for ordering multiple backing strips provides you with a better price, the more you order. Feathers have been glued and tied down. The illustrations by the early French explorers show the eastern tribes holding bows which are as tall as the person. Mar 07, 2014 · Anyhow, no harm done, and he was really pleased with the bow, saying it looked better close up than it did in the pictures. I only draw 26". As the land was settled, hickory was shaped into wagon parts such as spokes, rims, and hitch trees. The speed is not neccessarily 10% greater but the kinetic energy is 10% or more greater. Self Bow Specs:New-Hickory Sapwood64" Long44 lbs. In a bow-making career spanning 20 years of commercial manufacture as well as nearly as long working on my own experimentally, I have learned much about bow design, bow woods, and what does and does not work. Unfortunately, Richard Dyckhoff is done make sleeves. The grip is made of leather wrap. Wood Bows: Our wood bows are classified as "all" wood. Hickory Longbow, Great Northern Quiver, Arrows and Buck Knife-Complete Set Bamboo backed hickory longbow. It's a full pyramid flat shagbark hickory stickbow. email: info@KustomKingArchery. 11884 North 500 East. This is a perfect way to add strength, durability, reliability and natural beauty to your bow! I made a hickory selfbow a couple years back that took 3 inches of set even as careful as I tried to be when I tillered it. Crows Head Traditional Archery offers longbows, recurves, horsebows, native american bows, bow building supplies, traditional arrows The Linen Backed Hickory Flat Bow is made similar to the bows of the historic tribes of the northeast USA. Maschner H(1), Mason OK. 176 fps shooting same arrow =about 34. This mod has two bows, Bamboo Backed Hickory Bow, a bow made from a sheet of bamboo and reinforced with Hickory wood, and Wooden Backed Bow is a bow made from a sheet of wood and reinforced with more A: A recurve bow like any bow, stores energy in the wood or fiberglass limbs when you pull back on the draw string. 00. These premium bamboo backed, floor tillered, hickory bow blanks are for making your own longbows. Fiberglass Options Brown Glass Black Glass Green Glass (+ $30. While not necessarily specializing in by the book reproductions, Ryan's primitive bows and arrows are often inspired by the designs of Native American Snake skin backed hickory self bow Discussion in ' I managed to get to the woods for some actual deer hunting with this bow a total of 5 days the entire season Feb 04, 2019 · Any number of woods can be used to make a good flat bow; however, hickory, oak, ash, teak or yew work very well. Right Hand Shelf 68" Long - A beautiful bow to look at and to shoot. Recurves are steamed in, corrections are done with the heat gun. 3 ft pounds. Each Swiftwood bow is a unique piece of art, but it is also a functional and deadly weapon that will stand up to the abuse of a long hunt, shoot true at the range and will turn people's heads as a center piece on the mantle. You will receive an unfinished bow blank when you order. I ran across this fine hickory board, and grabbed it up. These can be used to back a solid bow or they can be used to glue up several laminations and used as a bow by themselves. I have three Hickory bows, one is for a left hand shooter and pulls 40 lbs. Measures approximately 72" long. 92 Shipping . First clean back of bow good with alcohol and let dry then apply two coats of thinned down Titebond II or 3 glue and water, allowing to dry between coats. These are hickory backed bubinga. Bow is backed with hickory; 72" from tip to tip ; 25#@28" Red oak and walnut riser; Palm swell ; Right handed ; Leather grip; 4 coats of hand rubbed danish oil; 12 ply B55 flemish twist string; Beaver fur silencers; Includes bow stringer Traditional Hickory Long Bow American Flatbow Hickory Backed . Filed the horn to a V and filed the walnut to match. New Finish It Yourself Self Bow I like to call this a "Finish It Yourself" Self Bow. This is a perfect way to add strength, durability, reliability and natural beauty to your bow! Hickory backed Osage. Phone (425) 761-3696 A few Bow Staves of other types of wood are now in stock. Paint the ends with a quality wood glue- Tite-Bond works well- to prevent end checking and keep in a warm/dry area. This is one of our most popular bows. 3 Imgp1324 Left to right: Sinew backed yew, sinew/snake backed juniper, yew self-bow, bamboo-backed ipe, sinew-backed osage, and sinew-backed yew. This selfbow is a working hunting weapon, which is thoroughly tested before it is shipped. 5" Thickness: 1/8" These are quality Bamboo backing strips perfect for making your dream bow. Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow - 72" The Bamboo Backed Hickory Flatbow is renowned for its power and toughness in the field. Snake skin backed hickory self bow Discussion in ' Next thing you will biatch about is the modern photos I took of the bow. Please click the picture which is an active link to the video tutorial. there is a mans hip bone from a cave in sicily ,11,000 years old that has a stone arrow head imbedded in it. If lightly rawhide-backed or sinew-backed a shorter bow will hold together. Cut for the perfect thickness - two strips per package. We carry a range of Traditional Archery bows that include Medieval Bows, Fantasy Bows, Horsebows, Recurve Bows and Crossbows. $40. Eg: 50# @ 28" Note: Custom bows require a plus or minus 2# on draw weight. San Pierre IN 46374. The keystone of the business is the wide range of traditional bows that are on offer, all of them handmade by bowyer Magén Klomp The outline of the bow is then also drawn on to the back. Not a bad bow wood, but it depends on the type of maple. How To Make: A Replica Native American Bow. Raised in the piney woods of East Texas, as a youth he was obsessed with Indian lore and made many bows from hickory, elm and bodark (osage orange) saplings as well as other woods native to Texas. Hey guys so this is my fourth longbow. The best option is to back it with a moderate wood such as maple. Comes With Free Stringer 40 - 45 at 28, 45 - 50, 50 - 55 $354. For example although Hickory does make great bows, it relies on its raw strength rather than an efficient transfer of energy. Warranty Information Products . Minimal knots or run-outs. Today the weather was good and I had some free time so I jumped on the opportunity to get back into production. There you will find more information and a picture of the ideal board. This particular Bow was made with Bamboo that was hand-picked by our Bowyer, producing the best possible product. The top limb is perfect, the bottom one seen here isn't quite right. Hickory or Bamboo backed Lemonwood Longbow with a white wood core, generally Hickory or Ash. 366. CLICK HERE TO SEE FEATURED ITEMS When you order from me, we’ll talk first by phone or e-mail. A uniquely curated, carefully authenticated and ever-changing assortment of uncommon art, jewelry, fashion accessories, collectibles, antiques & more. Can hold 5 arrows. Bamboo backed hickory flat bow is renowned for its power and toughness in the field. There are better woods to use. Approximate Specs: Length: 71" Width: 1. Usually I seal sinewed bows with a coat of polyurethane to protect them from moisture. Dec 22, 2005 · hamms book is greatfor osage,i backed my 1st bow with sinyew and do not believe its really worth the hasseli have made too many good bows without itfor whitwood bows paul comstock has one called the bent stickvery good bookwhitewood bows in most cases are the easiest to makeyou can peel off the bark and what you see is the back of the bow already establishef,whereas with favorite this post May 5 PSE React compound bow $450 (Sparta NC) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. yatzi the ice man had a stone arrow point in his back from 5300 years ago. Rough shaping More refined shaping Bamboo-backed Hickory Long Bow keeps tradition alive with handmade quality!. Please ask us about a First Time Bowyer's starter package. Hickory makes a good serviceable bow, but it is not as fast as the others mentioned. ($125. This bow can shoot an arrow to the moon at supersonic speed. This particular Bow was made with Hickory that was hand-picked by our Bowyer, producing the best possible product. A choice of a braid or leather handle. This bow, made from linen-backed Red Oak, comes ready to shoot and is tillered to a draw weight of 50 pounds and a draw length of 28 inches. 45-55 spine weight. g. Although this stave is well seasoned, hickory is one species that will allow you to rough out a bow from a green stave without too many drying cracks. I'm pressing on fast with the Hickory backed Yew, as it is dead flat on the back it is much easier to measure, mark up and work than a natural stave. rudderbows. These bows are very good shooters and can be stained to mimic the look of a Yew Bow. Modeled after the remains of bows from 1545. A bow stringer is recommended for stringing any recurve bow or longbow. This includes hickory OR bamboo backed. Premium craftsmanship and materials have been combined to create this rugged, powerful weapon that If you want to make a survival bow whilst in self imposed or forced exile, your going to be stuck to Self-wood bows or Turkish re-curve like animal tendon jobs, and should look for Osage Orange, Purple Heart, Ash, Elm or Hickory. Whether you're backing a solid bow or gluing up several laminations, this is a durable backing. 3) Cut out the outline of the bow along the grain of the stave. Kustom King Phone (219) 828-5002. 50” long (nock to nock) The next bow was a hickory backed osage bow at 160 pounds at 32 inches, and we now began to get some results, as he got better at shooting these bows and I had got better at making them. It's designed after the Traditional American Flat Bow. It's a flatbow design. This video shows the process from start to finish. $1500 In the meantime, I would encourage anyone interested in custom self bows to check out Swiftwood Bows or look into making your own with Clay Hayes or Weylin Olive, or myself (once I get back to hosting bow workshops). While there is a long list of potential woods that can be used, Maple is far and away the most common wood used in recurve bows. BOW CARE. at 28 in. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Board Bow Buildalong. Rudderbwows Archery has closed but Grayvn Traditional Bows is now building the bows that Rudderbows used to build. This is a perfect way to add strength, durability and reliability to your bow! We offer bow staves, bow backing strips, riser blocks, and tip overlay blocks made from fine materials like hickory wood, ipe wood, bamboo, and Osage orange wood. Sinew backed bows, at least the ones I make, have a slight texture from the individual bundles of sinew. 95 - **With Pistol Grip $379. These are approximately 1 3⁄4” wide and up to 68” long and can be made longer or wider by calling. Jun 16, 2013 · Primitive Hickory Self Bow, how to build a wood long bow or recurve bow - Duration: 17:41. Get white or second-growth hickory with the end grain running as shown in Figure 1. Still no tillering pic's, but there's enough here to get a feel for the steps. Kit comes with tillering string and leather for handle and lacing. Designed to have no stacking at 32'“ draw without decreasing arrow velocity. will all add to the time and expense of making the bow. You may be thinking that you could actually get two staves out of this sapling. We also offer Smooth-on epoxy for gluing your take down sleeves. I am going to start off this journey the bow has been used for hunting and war ever since our ancestors first did rock paintings. The bow flexes through the entire length including the handle. These staves are straight with little to no twist, and are dried and ready to be turned into your masterpiece. By: Mike Yancey. The Native American's in the Southwestern United States did not begin using bow and arrow technology until about 1,500 years ago. Dimensions of a Hunting Bow ©Dean Torges/The Bowyer's Edge™ A hunting self bow is a special kind of bow. I always recommend hickory for a first bow as it is very forgiving of mistakes in manufacture. I've even been using my plane on it, which is a tool I rarely use. The bow is unfinished and needs to be sealed. Ash, hickory, cedar, juniper, oak, walnut and birch are all fairly common woods that will create a solid yet flexible bow. GEAR REVIEW "Bamboo backed Hickory Longbow" Jim Boswell 8120 Parke Creek Rd. Osage Orange Staves and Billets for the Bowyer 319 835 5892. Hickory is readily available, nearly indestructible, and very forgiving as a bow wood. Gluing the handle or riser on. BULL. no doubt a mafia hit. Hackberry – Very similar to elm and makes a very good bow for its density. You can order a sinew backed bow which is a stronger and faster shooting bow when compared to a self bow but more care and time goes into one when making a sinew backed bow. A very nice looking bow with sewn grip, horn nocks and arrow plate. The bows are 72 inches long, weight is measured to 27 inches draw, but these bows can easily handle up to 31″. The 70# primitive simple composite at 343 yards with a Ishi style reflexed sinew backed juniper. They are a great hunting weapon, but will also serve well for any other purpose. A flatbow is a bow with non-recurved, flat, relatively wide limbs that are approximately rectangular in cross-section. I tillered it out to a 30" draw, since Jess' max draw is 29". He uses Ash, Hickory, Choke Cherry, Black Locust, and Osage Orange for his bow woods. 00 Sep 13, 2014 · It looks like a bow that has been made by numbers, by someone skilled but a novice in terms of bow making. Over the last three years I’ve only made about one bow per year as commissions. Find unreal value with everything starting at $1. I steamed the walnut and tried clamping to the bow form first. Aug 22, 2011 · Two black packages containing all the wood and glue to make a very nice hickory backed ipe long bow. Hickory backed osage Bickerstaffe Bows supply high quality bows and accessories worldwide. 00 "Ready to Hunt" plus shipping Quiver, 3 Arrows and Scope 150# max (adjustable) Draw weight Split Limbs, 13" Power Stroke, 325fps Limited 5 year warranty The eastern tribes had good hardwood for bows such as hickory or osage orange (probably the best). $ 180) Bow #21-01 Bamboo is known for its popularity in making excellent Long Bows. 45/50lb 71" You-Finish Traditional Hickory Longbow - Ringing How to Make a Hickory Backed Ash Bow #1: This is a video tutorial and may not be view-able on a mobile app. Includes bow stringer. We have Hackberry (nice wood for the beginner,and this is clean straight stuff,nice!!)and Black Locust (a favorite on the East Coast by Native Americans in earlier centuries). For you die hard text only tutorial people I am sorry but I have not made text tutorials for any video tut Custom Made by Norman Blaker in 1992 Sinew Backed Osage Bow Bow Specs: This custom bow is 55″ long, 45 lbs @ 27″ draw Below the handle grip area measures 1 1/2″ wide which … Hickory Stick Longbows 1- Bamboo Backed Hickory Bow: This file replaces lavender plants for bamboo plants , they retain the same chemical properties so if someone used the lavender for some potion can use the bamboo now, unless someone used the lavender to bring it behind the ear. 63″ long, 44 lbs. Fall City WA 98024. In 1815 a sinew-backed Osage Orange bow was worth a horse and a blanket in trade in southern Missouri, so the excellence of this wood has long been recognized. 40-lb Sinew-Backed Hickory Bow SOLD This bow is made from a small hickory sapling that's been sinew backed and has the back stained dark. This is a perfect start to make your dream bow. Fairly long self bows, almost indistinguishable from the English Longbows of medieval Europe, were slowly replaced by shorter, sinew backed bows after the adoption of horses by the Indigenous peoples of North America. year building Osage Bows. Beyond being tough and dependable, they are very good looking as well, with a rich Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow - 65" The Bamboo Backed Hickory Flatbow is renowned for its power and toughness in the field. The Linen Backed Hickory Flat Bow is made similar to the bows of the historic tribes of the northeast USA. This requires that they be extra long or wide, backed, tillered to a shorter draw, braced lower, or somewhat deflexed. "Maker of fine yew longbows and recurve bows for the archery community. Affordable PVC Bows Hickory "Extremely tough and resilient with the rustic charm of colory variety and open grain. 00) another for a right handed shooter pulling 55 lbs. Hickory fruits are commonly known as nuts and most are delicious, such as pecans. The best selling Rudderbow, the Bamboo-Backed Hickory Flat Bow is a durable bow that is capable of shooting heavy hunting arrows with accuracy. 5 out of 5 stars (710) 710 reviews. Some popular woods were ash, hickory, mulberry, Osage orange, cedar, walnut, and birch to name a few. Therefore, if lemonwood is not on hand, use locust or hickory, and if directions are closely followed in making the bow, the archer will get much pleasure out of it. RingingRocksArchery. Approximately 72" long, this tough longbow is made from solid sapwood hickory. 75 0 bids + C $20. S. The solid hickory bow is one tough hunting partner that can take the punishment of the outdoors. Hank Upcoming Bow Building Workshop on May 14th-17th! Check the ‘Events’ page for more information. How to Install Snake Skin or Rawhide Backing. Hickory backed with a purpleheart or pau morello core and lemonwood belly. Not much texture, but some. the contrast between the hickory back and the bubinga belly makes for a very beautiful bow. Let the Smooth-On EA-40 Bow Glue dry for at least 24 hours. favorite this post May 5 Basketball goal $40 pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. James Easter,Bowyer. Aug 13, 2015 · His bow is made from hickory, backed with deer rawhide & painted with traditional designs. We specialize in traditional handmade manufacturing of arrows, high quality long bows, recurve bows, take-down bows, and other archery equipment and supplies. A very informative site about the Osage Orange Tree. This bow will Each is crafted from solid Hickory backed with either Fiberglass, or Hickory. Although there are many materials you can choose to  Oct 27, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by DiDi and Chase Miller. Primitive Bow & Arrow Tips. Longbows are the most common and simplest type of wooden bow. " Apr 11, 2015 · Some were recurve bows, compound bows and fibreglass-backed flat bows, as well as many different types of wooden bows. It is stained dark to make it more stealthy. Look around a The bow in question is thirty-six inches long and made of hickory. The energy is then transferred to the arrow when you release the draw string. Cherry – Very weak in tension and not overly strong in compression. Clay Hayes 54,218 views the bow has been used for hunting and war ever since our ancestors first did rock paintings. It's fair to say that an average starting point for a custom bow would be around $500. 2 run ups or run outs per limb are allowed for a maximum. This kit includes a premium grain hickory bow stave, a hickory bow backing strip and a hickory riser block. Kustom King Traditional Archery. I've made a few Osage bows, but haven't tackled a board bow yet. It just somehow looks more "primitive". dw/dl: 43#/27” ntn: 61½” bh: 6” mass: 522 gram max. Hickory is known for centuries for its popularity in making excellent Long Bows. I built this type in the early 2000s. THERE IS A MANS HIP BONE FROM A CAVE IN SICILY ,11,000 YEARS OLD THAT HAS A STONE ARROW HEAD IMBEDDED IN IT. It is a single-target, long-ranged offensive and defensive building with both moderate hitpoints and damage output. Hickory American style longbows perform in the toughest conditions. If the back of the bow is not clean when you sinew it, the sinew may separate from the wood when you draw the bow. Add to Favorites  Our Traditional Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow was designed to capture the Art of bow making and the Tradition of hunting with a traditional bow. Prepare yourself: First, get to know the different parts of a recurve bow. Art Young speaks highly of a hickory backed walnut longbow. A longbow is a self bow. A: A recurve bow can be made most any hardwood like: hickory, mulberry, walnut, ash, cherry and hickory. He hunts with all of his bow models and has taken 38 big game animals with selfbows, cane arrows and stone points. Jan 27, 2010 · NON BOWWOODS With special treatment heavier species in this group, and similar SG wood not listed here, can become light to midweight bows. Reflex: A bend at the midpoint, or handle, of a bow that causes the limbs to bow slightly forward when unstrung. A longbow is a type of bow that is tall – roughly equal to the height of the user – allowing the archer a fairly long draw. These bows were longer than the bows of the Plains and the Pacific northwest. The first step in preparing a bow for sinew backing is to thoroughly wash the back of the bow with detergent to remove any oils that might be on the bow. A 40lb LB is pretty safe. I also like a bow 55-63# at that draw length. 95 Recurved bow (or "recurve"): A bow having the ends of its limbs bent forward. the long pieces are for the handle and the short pieces for the tips. (3) new handmade bamboo arrows. You an build a bow up to 75# with this core. We hand pick ALL of our bow wood and from there, it is brought to our shop, processed and dried for 9 months. Choice of bamboo backed hickory or bamboo backed osage. BAMBOO BACKED HICKORY BOW ~TIGER STRIPED WOOD! Traditional Style (Reg. This simple, yet effective bow is well tillered and would be effective on a variety of small and large game animals. They’re unimpressive in pounds of pull, materials, construction, and durability (seen hundred or so of them, bowyers and arrowmakers were especially informative) compared to most contemporary or older bows around the world. Don't be fooled, hickory can be difficult to manipulate by hand, but it looks wonderful when finished. Self bow: A plain wooden bow, with no reflex, recurve, or sinew backing. To insure that the bow will arrive undamaged PVC will be used to ship the bow. This bow is one of our most popular with hunters and has what it takes to get the job done. He likes to talk bows. How to Make a Hickory Backed Ash Bow Part 3: This is a video tutorial only. Pictures Coming soon. It requires not only good wood selection, but plenty of focused work and attention to detail. I backed my Hedge bow with bamboo-but it was made from 3 pieces of hedge spliced together. 319 835 5892/319 835 0916. It's got a near center-cut shelf and a non-flexing handle. Make the back of the bow (the side that faces the target) from the FIRST ANNUAL RING of heartwood, or from the sapwood above it if the sap is thin. 30] ARROWS, BOWS, AND QUIVERS 93 backed bows were made on bodies of driftwood. ($189. So, don’t skip this step. Additionally, our DIY bow making parts include replacement bowstrings and bow socks to complete and protect your new selfbow. 00) the last one Has sights and a quiver This requires that they be extra long or wide, backed, tillered to a shorter draw, braced lower, or somewhat deflexed. Supplied either with or without grip, arrow pass or bowyers mark. Note: These bow blanks are perfect for sinew backing! The 60" Modoc bow, when sinew backed is just like a California style  64" Bamboo Backed Hickory Recurve - Competition or Hunting Bow - Custom Wood Archery. The Hickory backing was rather thick, but had the corners nicely rounded, the belly had been made very rounded and the Z splice in the yew was tidy. I wouldn’t make a bow from it unless it was backed with sinew, and then it still might not work. 4) Mark off the handle area, then hack or carve away the excess wood on the belly of the bow. A longbow is not significantly recurved. Here's the bamboo and hickory laminations glued up in reflex/deflex Trey holding the raw glue-up to show profile. The riser piece of the reflex bow is out of pear wood, and the reflex-deflex bow's out of cherry wood. com: 71" Bamboo Backed Hickory Recurve! Hunting Bow! Custom Wood Archery!: Handmade. Comes With Free Stringer 40 - 45 at 28, 45 - 50, 50 - 55 72" Hickory Backed Bamboo Riser & tips Deluxe Kit (parts) $135. Hickory paper-backed veneer runs about $2 per square foot, while 3⁄4" hickory plywood sells for around $125 per 4×8' sheet. Sinew backed juniper w/snake skin Handle made of about 25' of hand twisted yucca fiber cordage. Overlays are a combo of black buffalo and mammoth, arrow pass is buffalo. Amazon. It offers the best substrate for sinew-backed bows. The design is going to borrow heavily from JD (aka horseapple) since I have loved his static recurves ever since I read his bamboo backed osage build-a-long last year. 12 ply B55 flemish twist string. These bows will have exotic wood for the handle and belly underlay. Personally, I like to finish mine with Birchwood Casey Tru Oil, but you can choose any finish you like. It is just a single piece of wood. I was thinking of trying another but recurve the limbs and backing with raw hide. These bows are usually made from just one shaft of wood. Draw length 28" At a Glance • Made From: Hickory/Pecan w/a Bamboo back •Style: Flat Bow (no Riser) •Maker/(s): J. Clamp the backing to the bow with c-clamps. The Pignut Hickory seems to be the variety of choice, though Shagbark is also a good option. 8,622,050 B2 MINI IN-LINE VERTICAL CROSSBOWS "NOW AVAILIBLE"! $750. @28 The next hickory bow. com. 4. Ryan Gill hand makes each bow from seasoned staves of North American bow wood. Bow string and bow stringer included. Yaupon does make excellent arrows. My methodology is typical of the other rawhide-backed bows found on this site. Nice mix of heartwood and sapwood. The handle is osage/hickory/osage combo with stingray wrap. This bow has a built up riser (grip or handle portion) The riser is an additional piece of wood added to make the grip larger (thicker) and easier to hold (grip) The riser may be in another wood (e. These are quality Hickory backing strips for bowmaking. Hickory makes a good backing because (1) it's very strong in tension, and (2) it grows very straight, so it's easy to get a piece with straight grain, and (3) hickory is hard to break even when the grain isn't perfectly straight. Grain configurations vary and the strips are approximately 1/8" x 2" x 68"-72". Note! Aug 22, 2011 · Two black packages containing all the wood and glue to make a very nice hickory backed ipe long bow. Traditional Archery and Hide Tanning. This may seem too long. Jan 21, 2005 · Hickory will hold moisture forever if not split to stave dimentions. Here are a three pieces of ipe and a nice piece of zebra wood. Pioneers relied heavily on the wood for fuel and used hickory chips for smoking ham and other meats. Hickory chips are also used as charcoal to smoke, flavor 2020 g-5 prime bows arrive at the out-back shack; the new 2019 g-5 prime logic ct3 & ct5 in stock now at the out-back shack; wyoming hunt @ the ranch at bates creek 2017 Native Americans looked to hickory wood for bows and its inner bark for baskets. At the same time I built him some laminated longbows for flight shooting at around 100 pounds at 28 inches. 00  It does not have a shelf and can be shot right or left handed. The easily obtainable woods that remain are a. Do not draw past 28". Linked items are in stock. Grain direction is the key. It simply takes punishment and delivers heavy hunting arrows where you need them! It is a very accurate bow when matched up with a set of matching arrows. favorite this post May 5 High Sierras Back Pack $50 (Greer) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The cable is made from either animal, vegetable or synthetic fibers and is tightened to increase the strength of the bow. This custom built cabin, nestled into the pine and hickory forest, was built to enjoy the stunning scenery and abundant wildlife. Stave for a primitive R/D longbow. OUT OF STOCK - DISCONTINUED. I was thinking 72" long and 1 1/8" wide hickory backed Ipe. An X-Bow card costs 6 Elixir to deploy. drawlength 31 inch. I'm making this with a rasp, rat tail file and some  A cable-backed bow is a bow reinforced with a cable on the back. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Ringing Rocks Archery, 615 W Magnolia Ave Aldan, PA 19018 Call us Aug 27, 2018 · Recently, I discovered a great lumber store that sells lots of suitable bow woods. Here are complete bow making kits for new comers to the art of bow making. Jan 30, 2018 - Bow that inspired my design for my hickory backed black cherry Turkish design horse bow. Rawhide for Backing - Pair Approximately 2 1⁄4”x 34” to 36’”. Shipping for all bow strings is free, and all bows require an additional flat rate of $35 for shipping and handling in the continental U. Asiatic influence is apparent KOCO Summer Tour Guide: Broken Bow, Beavers Bend State Park "It's a great little getaway in Hochatown USA" - lyrics from my self penned song "Hochatown USA" written a few years back when we first moved here :) I just know you need to get away so come see us a Hickory Hill Cabins! 580. Buck 102 hunting knife with Re: Hickory backed red oak long bow « Reply #8 on: August 08, 2011, 08:01:14 pm » I didn't have someone there who could shoot me drawing it out so I'll have to post that one later. Over time, I created a wide variety of bow designs including historical recreations from several eras. Patent NO. These Flatbows are built to a traditional pyramidal design and are fitted with horn nocks and an arrow Sep 24, 2008 · OK, here's a little more complete build sequence for building an all wood, laminated bow. Bow is backed with hickory. These occurred at 12000, 4500, 2400, and after about 1300 years ago. Third pic, red and white Osage Orange bow sitting on the rock, sinew backed, 41# @ 22" good for target shooting and medium game hunting Fourth pic, teal and brown Hickory bow with sinew and rawhide backing, 53# @ 23" suitable for big game hunting Fifth pic, red and white Hickory bow with sinew backing #50 @ 23" suitable for big game hunting One of the best places currently to get hickory bows is through rudderbows. But a good 65in hickory or oak selfbow will serve you just as well. This premium hickory bow core has straight grain and little to no twist. The shape and dimensions of the outline depends on the style of the bow, the intended draw weight and to a certain extent the woods used in the bow. Because the limbs are relatively wide, flatbows will usually narrow and become deeper at the handle, with a rounded, non-bending handle for easier grip. Leave the bark on until ready to work the back of the bow to prevent checking. In some parts of the country, the traditional woods for bowmaking are hickory, honey locust, mountain mahogany, and juniper. Making a bow string with timber hitch; Blacksmithing and sand casting. Dec 31, 2014 · This bow is made from an ash wheel barrel handle and a hickory railroad pick handle bought at ACE hardware. I've broken some laminated and backed bows these past years while I've tried different glues, experimented with tempering bamboo, played with limb design, worked with patches and tested the limits of wood faults and stresses. Comes with horn nocks, mother of pearl arrow pass and a handmade Fast Flight bowstring. The outline is roughly cut using power tools then finished up later during tillering using hand tools. Above: sinew and gopher snake backed osage orange bow. Flexible woods are needed for these types of bows since it must be able to arch back without breaking. From a perry reflex bow I look for a minimum of about 175 to 185. 00) the other is a 23 lb. They can be backed with just about anything. Now if you make a perry reflex style bow with boo backed hickory, you'd be in pretty good shape. composite bows are the best, but they must be sinew backed and that is not covered in this article. Aug 11, 2014 · You can even use other woods like bamboo or hickory or maple, but be careful here with red oak because other woods may overpower the bow and cause the belly wood to crush, causing all kinds of problems. 5" Height: 1" Java Man Archery began in 1994 when I fashioned my first bow from an ash stave, cut from a tree on my Dad’s dairy farm. They also will craft your bow in your own draw weight. 8,671,923 B2 Patent NO. On this video I show more prepping to the bow stave before I put the hickory backing on. This bow can be sta Bamboo backed Hickory- 72" Tall, Max. The latest local and breaking news for Hickory, North Carolina. Author information: (1)Idaho Museum of Natural History, Idaho State University, USA. Kit #1 – Great for the 1st time Bowyer. $50. Despite the long list of potential wood for an archery bow, maple is the most common core wood, especially for glass-faced and backed bows. While the Hickory wood like its shown brings a rustic flair. There are no high tech laminates, fiberglass or other composite materials included in its construction. The bows have green or brown leather handles, mother of pearl arrow plate, horn nocks based on a design by Peter Muir, single loop  The bamboo backing and the tip overlays were glued with epoxy. net click here for the "Penobscott "Bow Review link BACKED HICKORY BOW Traditional Style Breathtaking Beauty in the form of a Traditional Hickory Bow Backed with Texas raised Western Rattlesnake. I had it cut in half and came home with enough wood to (possibly) build 6 bows. An arrow is a projectile with a pointed tip and a long shaft with stabilizer fins towards the back, with a narrow notch at the very end to contact the bowstring. 99 FREE shipping. Traditional Archery Sales is a family owned and operated archery supply shop servicing the Lakeland and the central Florida area. The bow backing is really on my board bows to keep them from violently exploding if I screw something up. Kit #2 – Super Bamboo Backed My favorite bow is Boo backed hickory. Hickory – Likely the most common bow wood due to the wide range of growth, Hickory wood can make an excellent bow. Our bows normally take 4-6 weeks to manufacture from the date of placing your order. Backed with a choice of Hickory or Maple, a Hardwood core (mostly Purpleheart or Ipe) and Lemonwood belly Made to bend 'full compass' Slim profile buffalo horn nocks come as standard with our bows. $199. Jan 04, 2016 · The X-Bow card is unlocked from the Builder's Workshop (Arena 6). Shipping to Canada is an additional $15, and shipping to any other nation will be available and priced individually. take them both for ($200. The big advantage to baking is when working with highly stressed desines like short bows, reflexed and/or recurved bows or war bows. Bison Bows Dave Dill is a bowyer, now residing in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Draw weight is measured at 28’’, but the bow can be safely drawn to 31’’. FOR SALE - Hickory - Lenoir, NC - I have a oneida eagle strike compound bow needs new main string other than that every thing is there Location: Hickory Price: $260 People interested in learning how to make a recurve bow often do it to save money by making it themselves, while others prefer to have a customized bow. Download this stock image: . For many years I made selfbows from ash, hickory, osage and yew, as well as backed wood bows using bamboo and hickory. talk about back stabbing friends. com has Medieval Longbows too! Rough and Ready English Style Longbow - Hunting Strength - 50 lb. Bamboo backed Hickory flat bow. Bulletin. This was my first time dabbling with bamboo backing and laminated glue up bows so I got a lot of help from the guys down at the Oklahoma Selfbow Jamboree. 4 Imgp1321: 5 Ebony overlay on yew The Bowyers classroom red oak board bow build along; Hickory backed ash bow build series; How to make your own custom shaped fletch. Hickory target bow, 1940, No. com Kustom King Traditional Archery. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Extra shipping required. Narrow Hickory English Longbow 27 Jan 2014 New hickory backed ipe bow. Dec 16, 2012 · - an all fiberglass bow which my wife still had from when she was young - hickory-backed hickory flat bow, 20# (at) 28”, left-handed which I made for my daughter - hickory-backed hickory long bow, 39# (at) 29”, right handed, which I made for myself product detail information for Re-enactment Bows - Hickory Backed Lemonwood with price, images and stock check. 76 inch flatbow with an arrow shelf (if so selected) can be made left or right handed. NEW! Japanese Samurai (Kyudo) Longbow - This bow is the same style used for centuries by the Samurai Warriors Wide Limbed Hunting Bow - A perfect bow for hunting. It appears to be a crossbow with wooden, stone, and metallic features along with a shining steel bolt for ammunition. This type of bow is a perfect base for both hunting and target shooting! hello, im trying to make a flat bow out of an oak board backed with a hickory slat, and i have heard that sometimes, the backing can overpower the belly of the bow in this case, the hickory slat is 3/16" in thickness and the bow is only 68" from tip to tip Hickory Stick Longbows specializes in authentic, handmade traditional archery equipment. Check back often, as we will be adding a number of bamboo backed bow making products, including Ipe, yew and osage belly laminations. The tree also gave them sustenance with its sweet syrup and nut meal. Whatever your reasons may be, making your own bow is sure to teach you a lot about archery. Bow Alone - $265. INCLUDED: Bow Core SPECS: Length: 71" Width: 1. Quick view Add to Cart L002Hickory Flatbow L038Siege Bow L003Bamboo Backed Hickory L004Bamboo Backed HickoryReflex Deflex L1005Picto Backed Line I004Modoc P001Phil Sylva Model One Finished: Finished bows come complete as listed below and always include bow string If you’re just getting into bow building, a Bamboo backed osage longbow might be a good way to get started. Wood Bows. 6050 31 Dec 2014 This bow is made from an ash wheel barrel handle and a hickory railroad pick handle bought at ACE hardware. edu There were at least four waves of bow and arrow use in northern North America. Hickory Backed Lemonwood Bow Features Include Slim Horn Nocks on slim Limb Tips Arrow Pass. I have two laminated recurve tipped longbows from Cutting Edge Woodwork. Our longbow is crafted from Hickory stock. Among these wood types are hickory, mulberry, walnut, ash, cherry and hickory along with exotic woods such as basswood, yucca, osage orange, lemonwood, blackwood and ironwood. Building your own bow is a very gratifying thing. The best bow woods are Osage orange (bois d’arc), yew, and ash. Ethnology. One is hickory backed  The stock is then air dried and using our many years of experience is seasoned to ensure the finished bow has good cast These make good bows for field shooting as the Hickory/Bamboo backing does not dent as easily as Yew sapwood  Hickory Backed Fastflex Core Hickory Belly Comes With Free Stringer Ambidextrous 72" Long 25 - 30 30 - 35 35 - 40 40 - 45 45 - 50 50 - 55 60 - 65 65 - 70. Lord of the Rings - Legolas Inspired Longbow - A Fine fantasy bow. 501, length 5 ft 6 in, weights to 40 lb. After 24 hours, gently sand the hickory to knock off any burrs or excess Smooth-On EA-40 Bow Glue. 168 fps shooting 500 grains=about 31. Osage Orange is the premium traditional bow wood for Plains Style Flatbows from 38 to 60 inches. Prior to the advent of the bow and arrow, the atlatl (an Aztec word from Mexico) was the primary hunting weapon. 72” Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Hickory Bow Building Backing Strip! $13. Now. Bamboo Backed Hickory Reflex Deflex U Finish Bow 30-35: Amazon. Pre-laminated bamboo backed bow blanks are a great way to start building longbows. I have just completed a Hickory backed Ipe bellied English longbow. Straight limbs made of well seasoned hickory Flat type, but not as wide as 505 and 509. A layer of deer sinew on the back of the bow should eliminate the string follow and give the bow more snap. w: 1⅝” asymmetric, stiff handleRead more Our Traditional Bamboo Backed Hickory Longbow was designed to capture the Art of bow making and the Tradition of hunting with a traditional bow. It's designed for a right handed shooter. 95 Add to cart More. This is a perfect way to add  Aug 27, 2015 - 64" Bamboo Backed Hickory Recurve - Competition or Hunting Bow - Custom Wood Archery by RingingRocksArchery on Etsy. With Horn Nocks - $315. Each bow employs the customary deep D section in a variety of traditional and carefully selected prime woods. Ellensburg Wa. You can use more common bow woods than Ipe to pair with bamboo since it sounds like you might have trouble sourcing woods other than oak, honeysuckle, ERC, and BL. 72" Longbow. Perfect for your bow building project. If everything looks good, I'd like to try sinew for some extra zip. Please enter your desired bow weight at your draw length. Or look up John Strunk, he is still making absolutely gorgeous selfbows (503-842-4944). Price as of Sept 2005 -- $150. These can last a lifetime and become an heirloom to pass on to the next generation of the family. Medieval Archery carries all your Traditional Archery needs. com Make your next bow build a takedown with this precision takedown sleeve made by Richard Dykhoff. Posted 12th October 2013 by Anonymous. When Rudderbows Archery decided to close, Jim reached out to us to see if we would continue on with the bows and product lines. Native Americans used Hickory bows for hundreds of years. A cable will relieve tension stress from the back of the  1枚ずつ、Bow。が直筆でサインを入れ、by Bow。collectionの型押し後、退色防止の ためにラミネート加工したものを額装しています。 ※長らく完売のままだった商品の一部 を除き、販売を再開しました。 木製フレーム+透明アクリル(UVカット) 外寸:204mm× . Apply a strip of hickory on the back of the bow that runs the length of the bow. Hickory is usually a very strong white wood. It has a cut-out above the grip for an arrow rest. The Hickory Bow Bed offers the curve of the bow top bringing elegance to any bedroom. There are two backed Osage bows, one 45 lbs. Its limbs are relatively narrow so that they are circular or D-shaped in cross section. 60" Indian Bow. I finished the bow I've been making for Jess. Bamboo backed The Kashtuk Hickory Longbow is our most popular bow. See the product listing on this page. co. From shop RingingRocksArchery. 29″ long. £339. Made from Hickory. I’m bringing back one of my all time favorites, my bamboo backed bow called the Phenom. The bark side will be the back of the bow. Beecroft •Comes with: ♦Bowstring ♦Care Instructions ♦Limited Warranty. 17 Feb 2015 Backing the Bow. Handmade Traditional Hickory Long Bow American Flatbow Hickory Backed | eBay A second way is to make a tri-lam bow where you have a bamboo backing, some type of core (maybe ipe), and then a belly lam (of bamboo, ipe, or whatever). As a project, this will require more than an afternoon, but the rewards can last a lifetime and provide you with a fine hunting tool. Small, powerful, and quick. Q: What kind of wood is used to make a recurve bow? A: A recurve bow can be made most any hardwood like: hickory, mulberry, walnut, ash, cherry and I have made a couple of hickory backed Eastern Red Cedar wood composite bows which have worked out well, but I still like the looks of bamboo on the back of a bow. Here are a few pictures of Bob’s bow: Making a hickory bow 2013-07-30. Not logged in Britannia Bow Works, 39 London Road Murray Gaskins: You will need a form and you might consider making one from a 2x4 by cutting out the shape of the bow you wish to make, belly down, then laying up the hickory laminations on it. This is a shorter version of one of our most popular bows, to help navigate through thick wood and brush. Rudderbows sells on e-bay,so there is a chance that you could get a bow at auction at a huge saving in price,but the bow prices are so The thing is, a bow with a high MOE and a medium MOR will be strong but will make a bow with a very shallow and wide cross-section which isn’t very aerodynamic. Although there are a number of different materials that can be used to back a bow, for our purposes, we will be backing the bow with hickory and EA-40. Bow strings most frequently were made of sinew (animal back or leg tendon), rawhide, or gut. All The bow and arrow in northern North America. For more on costs and time frame please call him anytime. Fairbow is a small family business in the Netherlands which sells all sorts of products related to traditional archery. My materials are going to be red mulberry, hickory, and black walnut. A hickory self bow is a great place to start the bow building journey. Bickerstaffe Medieval Longbow - Hickory backed Lemonwood. Designed like those seen in Hunting the Bamboo Backed Bow,the limbs carry a nice deflex and reflex and have plenty of material left in the grip area. Use hickory for your first bow making attempts. Beyond being A bow consists of a semi-rigid but elastic arc with a high-tensile bowstring joining the ends of the two limbs of the bow. o. NEW-FINISH IT YOURSELF Hickory Self Bow - $116. There are many species of the Hickory tree and some perform better than others when it comes to bows. Use river cane as your arrow material and make your arrows 5-6" longer than your draw, longer arrows fly better! hickory backed cherry longbow 2013. Bow length between 68" and 72" in length. Its on my list, I even have the board in the barn-a nice red oak slab. uk: Kitchen & Home Skip to main content. Hickory makes a good backing, but must be stained or otherwise finished to darken the wood, and then it just looks too much Snake skin backed hickory self bow Discussion in ' Next thing you will biatch about is the modern photos I took of the bow. Worked really well on such a hard timber as Ipe. The Dakota Indians also One sinew backed bow I covered with a diamond-back rattlesnake skin, very pretty. It is very good bow wood and you can make a lot of mistakes and still get a lethal weapon! Dry hickory a little more than other bow wood, say 6-8%. Rock or sugar maple is good as is vine maple. All of our beds can be ordered in other hardwoods and in your choice of size. I use a piece of truck tire tube next to the 2x4 so the backing can compress into it. Making a serviceable hunting bow from a piece of hickory is a rewarding and educational experience. He takes his profession very seriously and this is a full time endevor for him. It wasn't a good enough match. Please refer to Board Bows elsewhere on my site. By Dave Brewer, A Friends of Archaeology volunteer. American style longbow (ALB) Hickory belly with a Hickory backing. The Bickerstaffe Medieval Longbow bending throughout its length available from 30-50 lb. In order to see the tutorial please click on the picture which is a live link to the video. Good luck, and remmember Hickory loves to retain moisture. hickory backed bow

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